Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cupcake ATC'S

Recently, I joined, an arts & crafts swapping website. It's a little addictive. I find that my natural habit of turning out creative artsty fun stuff under the pressure of a deadline, is at an all time high.

One of the swaps I signed up for was to exchange ATC's(aka Artist Trading Cards) with other beginners. ATC's are basically miniature works of art the size of playing cards, which are then traded around.

The instructions were to make ATC's that I would like to receive. "Make what you like, because it is about enjoying the experience."
Here are the results of letting myself play with whatever came up in my imagination. Of course it involves cupcakes! The pair of these were made in an hour and I loved how they turned out. I was a little bummed to give them away, because I wasn't sure they would be appreciated as much by the random people I was sending them too.

Thank goodness I took pictures!

Step into My Outdoor Office

When I am not working, I am working.

Yesterday, on my day off, I decided to take my work outside. My patio is my favorite space in my home right now. I am all about maximization of said space and the seizing of every summer moment possible.

Check out my "side window view":

Even Ellie was happy to go out and complete some field work...

Such a lovely afternoon, and highly productive. Now, I must ready myself for the "other office". Back to the grind until the weekend.

Monday, May 10, 2010

scribbled snapshots of inspiration

Having embraced the opening up of the creative channel again, my mind constantly races with ideas. Projects for the shop. Marketing ideas. Colors dance. I want to make art. I want to make stuff to illustrate the visions swimming in my head.

Inspiration is everywhere, and the little notebook I carry is quickly being filled with my scribbled notes of inspiration. It is important for me to write them down at the moment they strike me- taking a snapshot of a creative seed, so that later on when I am ready to sit down and grow it, I can remember where to begin. (I just realized I have misplaced my little notebook! Urgh!!!! I guess I will be scribbling on scraps of paper until I am able to find it. Urgh....)